Image: Exhibition at Commons Gallery, University of Hawai’i, 2015


Invitation to contribute a ‘rope’ made of any material, and any length, to hang a glass bucket, to be loaned for the duration of an experimental exhibition at VolcanoTheatre Swansea from February 2nd to March 6th. These can be ‘ready-mades’ or something constructed specifically, the choice is yours!

The buckets are made from 4mm thickness glass mirror, 4.5 inches high and not very heavy.

The attached image shows a collection of ‘hanging buckets’ produced during my Creative Wales Ambassador Award exhibition in The Commons Gallery, in Honolulu, Hawaii last September. This collection resulted from a similar request to the community there and I am curious to see what this call out will produce here in Swansea.

I invite you to be involved and to deliver your ‘rope’ to Volcano Theatre, High Street, Swansea by Monday February 1st.

I will be installing the collection that day and invite you to join in between 12am and 3pm, if you wish.

There is a white enamel collection bucket at Volcano waiting for you to place your contribution in at any time before then. Please attach your name and phone number to it, so we can make sure that your piece is returned to you.

Following the exhibition ropes will be returned to their owners with a mirror bucket attached, for you to keep, signed by the artist! Your ‘hanging bucket’ piece will be available to collect from Volcano on March 7th.

There will be ‘an event’ on Saturday February 27th to which all contributors will be invited, details to be confirmed.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you will join in the fun!