Christine Bird-Jones
Chris Bird-Jones

Chris Bird-Jones is an artist and educator primarily working with glass. Her work varies in scale from the architectural to the hand held. Interested in the different qualities of light mediated through glass, Chris’ work explores the kinetic phenomena of the way that light interacts with glass and its influence on our emotional and physical being.

Chris Bird-Jones regularly exhibits nationally and internationally. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections and she is a key member of the Women’s International Glass Workshop.

Chris has lectured and taught glass workshops throughout the world for many years and until recently was Director of the Glass Masters course at Swansea Metropolitan University School of Glass.

Alldaith Goleuni / Light Expedition is Chris Bird-Jones’ Creative Wales Ambassador proposal.  Chris is invited to return to the University of Hawaii where she was visiting Professor twenty-five years ago. This time as artist in residence, she will show her work made in Wales and have access to technical support, state of the art facilities and equipment. Ruthin Craft Centre has nominated Chris and will promote the project. They will provide a public access studio in Ruthin where visitors will be able to see the work develop when Chris returns from her research in Hawaii.

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